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Veraison Mansion Room: Comfy Getaway

Located upstairs in the mansion, the Veraison is one of the original master bedrooms. With a gas fireplace for warmth, a window air conditioning unit in room for cool air, and a King size bed this room is perfect for your getaway. The bathroom is a full bath with a separate shower and a Whirlpool tub perfect for two.

It sits in the center of the house with a single set of windows looking out onto a neighbor’s Victorian Style home. It is painted in soft yellow tones with gold and bronze accents – one of the quieter rooms in the historic mansion.

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Room Layout*

Veraison Room Detail

Room Location

Mansion Rooms Location: Veraison

Room Features

  • King Size Bed
  • Armoire
  • Coffee Pot
  • Spacious Whirlpool Tub for Two
  • Gas Fireplace & In-room Air Conditioning System
  • Bathroom Amenities (Including Blow Dryer & Iron)
  • Picnic Basket for your use
  • NO TV In-Room

*Note: Room maps are not to scale.