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Jim’s Napa Blog2018-10-26T16:56:30+00:00

Jim’s Napa Blog

Kenzo Napa: finally a restaurant that understands me!

Only a ten minute walk from The Inn On First is a fine dining Japanese restaurant called Kenzo Napa.  Tucked away in a corner, away from the hustle and bustle of 1st and Main Streets, I couldn’t understand why they chose this location…until I dined there. First, a short history lesson.   Did you know that there is a Buddhist tradition that believes enlightenment comes through food and dining and not through meditation? Think of enlightenment as simply being present to the NOW, that place where you are completely in your self and yet you are connected to more than [...]

The Inn on First: A Pet’s Paradise

In need of a romantic or relaxing rendezvous, but don’t want to go through the hassle and heartache of leaving your four-legged-friend behind? Here at The Inn on First, we’ve made sure our gorgeous Napa Bed and Breakfast is perfectly suited not only for you but also for your animal counterpart. Why should we be the only ones allowed to enjoy this quaint getaway? Share the experience with your canine and live in luxury together. Our Inn features three pet-friendly suites, a gated off-leash area, an outdoor dog shower, and a close proximity to a plethora of pet activities and [...]

September 8th Harvest Stomp Party….plan early and reap savings.

The 2018 Harvest is almost upon us and those who are smart have already made plans and reservations to stay at their favorite romantic bed and breakfast inn, The Inn On First.  We only have 4 rooms left that weekend which is shaping up to be exciting and wonderful.  One of our fave wineries, Madrigal, is having their Harvest Stomp Party.  You get to stomp grapes, enjoy great wines, and nosh on great food.  The party is from 12 to 4 pm, with live music, library wines, and paella.  Right now, through August 12th, you can get early bird prices: [...]

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Welcome, Leo, to your new pack!

We tried working with rescue organizations to find a new dog.  Calvin, our 12-year old miniature schnauzer, needs a companion, but currently there was no good fit for us.  Either the dog(s) were too old, or needed to be sole dog in the house, or was not good with people, etc.  Calvin has never been alone before and he keeps a close eye on us as the other two are gone.  I have to admit, it is rather strange walking one dog when you are accustomed to having three on leashes. Well, a mother and daughter, Tahleen and Armine, came [...]

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Farewell Hugo Boss and Maxwell Black……

Hugo's renal failure coincided with Maxwell's stomach cancer getting the best of him.  We loved them dearly and they gave so much back to us in return.  With gratitude for the gift of these two lovely dogs who made us such better human beings, this video is our memorial to them, a testament of gratitude and love. Farewell Hugo and Maxwell Thank you, Hugo Boss and Maxwell Black, for loving us so well.  Thank you for the gift of life you brought to our guests and to our remaining dog, Calvin Klein.  He misses you both as much as we [...]

The Cycle of Life- we celebrate the closure of Maxwell’s life with us here…

It is always with a heavy heart to hear your dog has an inoperable, untreatable stomach tumor, that he only has weeks to live.  Yet in the cycle of life that we celebrate at The Inn On First we will not allow his light to go out without notice.  He is still with us for now, so if you do happen to visit, see a scrawny dog with floppy ears and a wagging tail, well that would be him.  Maxwell, aka, Mr. Sunshine.  He is blind in one eye, so you need to be sure to wave your hand in [...]

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Bicycling options near The Inn On First

Napa Valley Bike Tours introduces their new Napa bike rental shop (previously located on California Blvd.) into Downtown Napa! Guests can visit them at 950 Pearl Street - at the corner of Pearl & West streets (same block as Melted and Bui Bistro). The new location is a short ten minute walk from The Inn On First, has plenty of free parking across the street (in the lot behind Cole's Chop House) and is only a few blocks from Vallejo Street, where it's easy to pickup the Napa Valley Vine Trail for a 9-mile car-free bike rideall the way up to Yountville. [...]

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Will you join us in the National Water Challenge?

My Water Pledge is a friendly competition between cities across the US to see who can be the most “water-wise.” Mayors nationwide will challenge their residents to conserve water, energy and other natural resources on behalf of their city through a series of informative, easy-to-use pledges online. Cities with the highest percentage of residents who take the challenge in their population category win. Cities will compete in the following population categories: 5,000-29,999, 30,000-99,999, 100,000-299,999. 300,000-599,999, 600,000+). Participants in the winning cities are eligible to win hundreds of prizes. By the way, your mayor doesn’t have to participate for your city [...]

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The Inn On First named in top 25 inns for the US

A few years ago Yelp named The Inn On First in the top 25 inns for the United States. Last year Trip Advisor named The Inn On First in the top 25 inns for the United States. Earlier this year Fodor's named The Inn On First in the top 12 inns for Napa/Sonoma, as well as the top 10 breakfasts in Napa/Sonoma. This past month named The Inn On First in the top 25 inns for the United States. You would think with all this praise  it would go to our heads, but actually it goes straight to the [...]

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