napa shoppingCalifornia’s Napa Valley provides wine aficionados, foodies, honeymooners, and everyone in between with a seemingly endless array of year-round activities, including private wine tours, hot air balloon rides, and even world-class fly fishing. But our guests here at The Inn on First, the premier Napa Valley bed and breakfast, are also encouraged to explore lively Downtown Napa. You’ll discover countless boutiques, over 25 wine tasting rooms, and several award-worthy restaurants. Our historic, romantic Napa inn is a short, scenic stroll along First Street from downtown, perfect for mid-day Napa shopping and a delicious, elegant lunch.

Eclectic Napa Shopping

There are dozens of boutiques, art studios, and cafes to choose from in Downtown Napa, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite quick stops along First Street.

  • Quent Cordair Fine Art – You may not arrive in Napa with intentions of buying a stunning piece of local art, but the Quent Cordair Fine Art painting and sculpture gallery will indeed tempt the inner art-lover in you. This surprisingly large studio features some of the most exquisite romantic realism art in the world. Browse through their extensive website to get a glance at some of their unique offerings.
  • Oxbow Public Market – If you’re hoping to enjoy a wide variety of Napa Valley delicacies, including chocolate, craft beer, local cheese, distilled spirits, and fresh-baked bread, we direct your attention to the Oxbow Public Market. We could spend half a day inside this magnificent palace of flavor. We highly recommend Anette’s truffles, Fieldwork’s hazy IPAs, and Oxbow’s artisanal cheeses.
  • Lush Cosmetics – You’ve likely stumbled upon a cosmetics boutique similar to Lush before, but they have arguably the largest selection of bath bombs, innovative skin treatments, and soap bars we’ve ever seen. Purchase a colorful bath bomb after browsing through their extensive collection – The Inn on First has whirlpool tubs fit for two in every room!
  • Clothing Galore! – There is an abundance of clothing boutiques in Downtown Napa, ranging from hand-crafted denim to vintage attire. Third Street’s Wildcat Vintage Clothing is a fun, affordable blast from the past, while The Mustard Seed Clothing Co showcases several of the best local designers. If you’re interested in local antiques, we recommend The Annex on Second Street.
  • Lunch – After a relaxing morning of Napa shopping, stop by one of our favorite local restaurants for a delicious, elegant lunch. Kitchen Door (spectacular mushroom soup, located inside Oxbow Public Market), Angele (oysters), and Celadon (coconut fried-prawn salad) are three splendid lunch options for foodies in Downtown Napa.

napa shopping

The Premier Napa Bed and Breakfast

The perfect place to start and end each glorious day in California’s Napa Valley is charming, luxurious The Inn on First. We’re known for having the best breakfast in Napa, cooked with fresh, local ingredients by your host, Chef Jim Gunther. Innkeeper Jamie Cherry, meanwhile, leads daily wine tours to-and-from the very best vineyards in both Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. We can also help arrange a romantic hot air balloon ride, private cooking classes, and fly fishing trips! While we don’t make French Laundry reservations for our guests, we do encourage everyone to try – the dining experience is second-to-none! To book a well-deserved Napa Valley getaway to The Inn on First, please dial 1-707-253-1331 or visit our website.