1313 Main: Knocked my socks off with food flavor and presentation


Only a 15 minute walk from The Inn On First, a romantic Napa bed and breakfast inn, 1313 Main opened initially as a wine bar and later morphed into a restaurant. Elements of the wine bar still exist as you enter the space, but really the restaurant is the shining star.The menu is broad (such as frog legs, wagyu beef) and yet the basics are there as well (beef rib, roasted chicken, fresh fish). The chef accommodates all food issues and easily presents great flavor and stylish presentation even for vegans. You will find delicacies such as Peach Gaspacho, to Trout Tandoori, and Porcini Mushroom Raviolo. For larger plates, tender Lamb Saddle with Chimichurri Sauce, stuffed Squash Blossoms, or the Hakaido Scallop with Spring Onion Perogi.The service was great and the ambience casual with a touch of elegance. Overall a real hit in my book and one of new favorite restaurants in downtown historic Napa.#naparestaurants, #1313main


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