2017 and The Inn On First


What new things are coming to The Inn On First for this year. As the best Napa Valley bed and breakfast inn, new breakfasts, of course! I've just completed testing on a new recipe for a Prosciutto-Ricotta Cake with Poached Eggs, what I will call Cindy's Ricotta Cake (as it was a guest, Cindy Weatherman, who gave me the idea for the breakfast). It has opened up a realm of new possibilities in terms of flavor profiles: Italian style (with parmesan, prosciutto, served with basil oil and topped with honey roasted tomatoes), Mexican style (with pepper jack cheese, chorizo sausage, roasted red pepper, and homemade salsa), and American style (with bacon, chive, cheddar cheese and homemade creme fraiche), and much more. Expect to see this recipe and more during 2017.My cookbook is almost ready. We are working on the cover, trying to decide which of over 90 breakfast recipe photos to put on the cover. Should it be the pancakes oozing with chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries on top? Or maybe the bird's nest with salad greens, topped with pommes frites and a poached egg? Or what about biscuits with a black cherry compote with a poached egg and prosciutto? Ah, decision, decisions. An email will be coming out soon with all the details. The book will be available in black and white (less expensive) and color.We are adding some new services this year: mobile nail, make-up, and hair services. Want to have your nails touched up? Or would you like to splurge and have someone do your makeup and fix your hair for a nice dinner? We will bring in a Nail Tech or Cosmetologist to take care of your needs. We are currently building those packages and will soon make them available on our website.We have some new restaurants in town, such as Corner and the CIA at the Oxbow, and many new tasting rooms. We will be visiting and reviewing each of these in hopes of guiding our guests to the best of all experiences present in downtown Napa. We also have a new Jazz club, Blue Note, which is receiving rave reviews for both the music and the food, and there are some new offerings at Silo's Music Club that we will be reviewing as well.2017 is opening up right now. Our rains have mostly come and gone and there is a new day shining ahead of us. Why, even our boys are putting their COOL on as the clouds dissipate and the vines start growing here in the Napa Valley. It's a great time to come to the Valley, especially during the week; fewer people, more personalized service.


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