3 of the Best Napa Valley Restaurants

napa valley restaurants

Napa Valley is renowned for its world-class vineyards, and rightfully so, but our guests are always pleasantly surprised to discover the high-end culinary scene here in Napa, California. Travelers, wine connoisseurs, and foodies choose The Inn on First for Jim’s gourmet self-created breakfast, Jamie’s private wine tours, and the historic yet luxurious mansion that we call home. As an added bonus, The Inn on First is a ten-minute stroll or a scenic drive from three of the best Napa Valley restaurants. These high-end restaurants are not only revered and supported by all of us here at The Inn on First, but our guests always return smiling from ear-to-ear with glowing reviews.

The French Laundry

We don’t often recommend that guests embark on the nine-mile journey up to nearby Yountville, especially after a five-hour wine tour with Jamie, but The French Laundry is the lone exception. It’s certainly challenging to obtain a reservation at this Michelin Guide three-star restaurant, which was opened by famed chef Thomas Keller, but we do encourage our guests to try. The French Laundry recently received a $10 million facelift with the additions of a new reflecting exterior, a state-of-the-art kitchen, an expanded wine cellar, and revamped landscaping. For approximately $300 a head, guests have the privilege to taste their way through an always-evolving culinary journey. Over the years, The French Laundry has transformed from one of the premier Napa Valley restaurants to a popular bucket list item for tourists.


If you’ve ever taken a look at Jim’s extensive, gushing review of Kenzo, you’ll remember that we genuinely love this new authentic high-end Japanese restaurant. Kenzo’s unique dining experience is built upon a Buddhist tradition that believes enlightenment comes through food and dining. The windows are covered in rice paper, the decor is simplistic, and the ingredients are strictly Japanese. Look for a seat at the counter so that you can marvel at these talented sushi chefs. The conversations are also enlightening as they possess a wealth of knowledge about Japanese culture, history, and cuisine. Meals can last upwards of three to four hours, which is an integral part of the experience.

La Toque

Tourists and locals are occasionally thrown off by La Toque’s unique system of presenting fine Napa Valley wine and contemporary French cuisine, but we happen to think it’s rather genius. La Toque, unlike all other Napa Valley restaurants, requires that guests taste then choose a wine label and pair the vino with an authentic French creation. Before arriving, take a glance at their “core menu” to see if their culinary creations are worth the trip – we sure think so! Arrive with an open mind, relish the unique experience, and return to The Inn on First for a memorable evening inside our historic luxury mansion.

Napa Valley Bed and Breakfast

napa valley restaurants

The Inn on First has a perfect five-star rating on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google because we care deeply about creating an authentic, ultra-romantic Napa Valley experience through gourmet breakfast, personalized wine tours, and first-rate service. Jim creates the best breakfast in Napa, which alone is worth the price of “admission.” Meanwhile, Jamie’s world-class, five-hour wine tours start at just $375. At the end of each glorious day here in Napa Valley, soak inside your two-person whirlpool tub and snuggle close to your gas fireplace with a bottle of complimentary Mumm sparkling wine. To book a well-deserved romantic getaway at our five-star Napa bed and breakfast, please give us a call at 1-707-253-1331.


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