Bowling In Napa

March 4, 2022

As many of you know, we are one of the few rare innkeeper breeds left in Napa who live on site at the inn.  January has come which means things slow down a bit and we get to come up for air.  So......What does an innkeeper do when things get slow around the inn?  Go Bowling!

Napa Bowling

Jamie refreshing his bowling expertise.[/caption]It is our annual visit to the Napa Bowling Center, about a three-minute drive from the inn.  We happened to be there around 10 am which meant the lanes were empty and we were the only ones there.  As usual, Jamie will use the first game to warm up, and then his bowling gears get warmed up and Jim is typically left in the dust.  So Jim works hard to win that first game knowing that Jamie is getting ready for a Turkey or some other bowling magic he pulls out of his bowling hat.$5 per person per game, or you can purchase by the hour as well.  For those who want something else to do other than drink, eat, and be merry in Napa.


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