Careful what you ask for.


Jim here: I was walking the dogs at Fuller Park, a ten minute walk from The Inn On First, an historic Napa Bed and Breakfast Inn. A group of young men (in their 30's) approached dressed with Raiders shirts and wearing Raiders badges to identify them as part of the support staff."Cute dogs," the one man said. Blond hair, cute, and very hunky. "Well, thanks," I said. "We wanted to know if you would be willing to help us with a video we are making for the Raiders training camp; if you can tell us what you know about the Raiders." I laughed. "Really, I'm a baseball fan. I follow the Yankees, the Giants, and occasionally the Angels and the A's." "That's okay," he replied. "Would you mind if we film you?" "Not at all," I told him.I asked the boys to wait patiently. First question: "If you are driving 120 mph, how far will you go?" "Well, how long am I driving in the car?" "One hour," he said. "Okay, then 120 miles." Next question: "If you are in the car for one hour and you are driving 80 mph, how far will you go?" "80 miles," I replied. "Very good."Next question: "You walk into a bar and see a really beautiful woman. What is your pick-up line?" I smiled. I moved in closer to hunky blond man and said: "Or maybe I see a really good looking man I want to meet." His eyes met mine. His face went red. His buddies chuckled behind the scenes. "Uh, okay." "You are rather handsome," I said. "Really cute." "Thank you," he said in response.The interview ended. I continued walking, laughing the whole time as my interviewer got ribbed by his companions as they walked away.


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