Construction Update: Foundation completed, Painting yet to come


I have to admit I thought it would be much worse, but the foundation work moved along smoothly.

Girder Removal

Yes, we are certainly tired of the jackhammer noise and we are so happy it is now behind us. This week they removed the support girders from the basement. They then dug out the basement floor, have finished setting the framework, and tomorrow they pour the last of the concrete. I think everyone in the neighborhood will be happy to have some parking back along First Street and we, certainly, will be glad to our storage back as we have kept most boxes in our living quarters, already a tight affair.During this time we also had the fence put up in the parking lot and we are very happy with that result.

New Fence

They have a bit more work to do on the other side of the yard, but really it looks so much better than it did. The next bit of work will be stucco repair all around, and then repainting the house, probably happening in May or June depending on the weather. Gratefully that will have little impact upon the guest experience in terms of noise and dust and equipment.When all is done with the project we will have a stronger, better looking, and more attractive place for our guests. We want to thank all those who have been so patient with the construction work, and for your willingness to help carry us through this time of renovation.


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