Farewell Hugo Boss and Maxwell Black......


Hugo's renal failure coincided with Maxwell's stomach cancer getting the best of him. We loved them dearly and they gave so much back to us in return. With gratitude for the gift of these two lovely dogs who made us such better human beings, this video is our memorial to them, a testament of gratitude and love.Farewell Hugo and MaxwellThank you, Hugo Boss and Maxwell Black, for loving us so well. Thank you for the gift of life you brought to our guests and to our remaining dog, Calvin Klein. He misses you both as much as we do, still looks for you in the yard sometimes in the corners of the house, and I believe he still finds your scents at the park. He is top dog now and we will love him well, just as you two taught us.For those who knew them here at The Inn On First you will understand.For those who are guardians over animal souls you will remember your own we hope.For those who have never owned a pet, you may not understand the depth of grief and that is okay. Just know that if you see us with a few tears in our eyes still, that we have been blessed, blessed, blessed by God in these canine family members. Our tears are for gratitude and love.


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