Fuller Park: even in winter it's beautiful

Fuller Park Winter

Just a short ten minute walk from The Inn On First, a romantic Napa Bed and Breakfast Inn, is Fuller Park. It is where I walk the dogs each morning after breakfast service. Over the course of the year it changes with the seasons and every year I think one season is better than the next. When actually they all have their merits. In winter the leaves are gone, the air is crisp, the sky blue, and there is winter leaf-mulch all around. There are fewer people in the park so it makes for a lovely walk in silence and solitude. Until those squirrels decide to play naughty and run across the paths of the dogs. Calvin is incredibly fierce in his determination to chase, but alas he is called back to formation with the pack.

Fuller Park Dog Shadows

For me it is the long shadows with the sun hanging low in the sky that calls me to attention. It is romantic in its own way, creating an ideal of shadow and light that equally play together into something beautiful. It is serious, yet playful; simple, yet full of delight. While visiting here in Napa, at any time of year, take a walk around Fuller Park and discover some of the beauty that other than grapevines and wineries.


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