How to Celebrate the New Year in Napa Valley

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Celebrate Napa New Year’s in style with your stay at The Inn on First! Wake up to a wonderful breakfast in a lovely room and start your New Year’s on the right foot in Napa Valley. There is plenty to do in the premiere wine spot of California, so check out some of these Napa Valley restaurants and make the most out of your New Year.

Dinner in Napa Valley

Nothing starts the new year quite like a lovely meal. There are plenty of amazing places in Napa that will let you wine and dine the New Year’s in style. Those who are looking for a great experience with wine and food will enjoy the Carpe Diem Wine Bar. Their wine menu is continuously updated with the best that Napa Valley has to offer. Their chef, Scott Kendall, works to create an exclusive menu that will surely delight the palate.Those looking for a more casual experience and a wide variety of foods should but miss what the Oxbow Market has in stock! With hand-crafted pizza made in a brick oven to delectable chocolates and big, meaty burgers from Gott’s Roadside, there’s plenty of food to leave even the pickiest eater satisfied. There’s an excellent selection of handcrafted beer and wine as well to compliment every meal, and the marketplace-style means you can sample plenty of delicacies or share with your sweetheart. After filling your bellies, you can enjoy a pleasant stay at The Inn on First.

Celebrate Napa New Year’s

napa valley

After a lovely meal and a refresher at the Inn on First, check out some of the fantastic New Year celebrations going around Napa Valley! From great food to plentiful celebrations, your Napa New Years celebration will be unforgettable. The Blue Note Napa offers a grand New Year’s Eve celebration filled with a holiday brunch and entertainment in the evenings. Enjoy a wonderful dinner and let the tunes of famed musicians carry you into the new year. A special holiday menu features plenty of seasonal goodies.Those looking for music and dancing will have a fun time with the New Year’s Eve party at Silo’s! Live music, entertainment, and plenty of sugary desserts to keep you partying until midnight. After a fantastic night of performances, retire to your cozy bed and breakfast stay at the Inn on First and rest up to greet the new year.

Napa Valley Accommodations

No matter what your New Year’s plans may include, The Inn on First offers cozy accommodations that are the perfect way for starting your new year off right. Relax in our luxury atmosphere and wake up to a beautiful breakfast lovingly prepared each morning. You deserve a fresh start to a New Year-- and a stay in Napa Valley with The Inn on First will guarantee a successful new year.


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