Isabel has a new baby boy! Welcome to our First Family.


We would like to welcome Jaden Gutierrez to our First Family. He weighed in at 7#1, 19" long, and arrived at 4:19 am. Isabel is doing great and is so happy to welcome her little son into the world.Thanks to all of you who helped make this time so much easier on her with your gifts and donations over the past few months. It was quite the surprise for her that she received so many gifts from all of you. Let me say that we, Jim and Jamie, are so grateful to our family, friends, and guests who participated in making their lives a bit better and brighter.On a side note, the week she received the baby she also received notice they have to move out of their apartment for renovations. So they are currently looking for a new place to live. So please keep your thoughts positive for her and little Jaden during this next transition. Isabel will be back to work in July and if you see her be sure to congratulate her on her new baby.


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