It is here: The Inn On First Cookbook is available to purchase


Ten years in the making, tested and edited by a diligent crew of people who have loved and supported me. With more than 380 pages there are 90+ breakfast recipes available for you to make at home. Over 200 recipes total for you to play with in your kitchen. From basics like homemade granola, date nut rolls, and chocolate chunk cookies, to more innovative creations like the corndog omelet, homemade egg noodles, and bacon-stuffed steamed buns. This is a softbound copy, 8.5" x 11" format, available in black and white or full color. For digital subscribers, you can order the digital full color version through Kindle.For a limited time, through the end of April 2017, you can order from CreateSpace and receive a 15% discount on either copy. The discount codes will not work with Edition: ($55)15% off list price discount code: 46832CKMBlack and White Edition: ($27.00)15% off list price discount code: Edition: A Napa Valley Breakfast Book ($55)Black and White Edition: A Napa Valley Breakfast Book ($27.00)Also available on digital Kindle Format: ($9.99, or $1.99 if you also order the softbound color copy)My thanks to all the many guests who were willing to let me play, experiment, and who continue to give me the joy of creating new innovations for breakfasts.


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