Moonlight in Napa


We spend most of our time at The Inn On First walking in the daylight, yet our February weather afforded us a most notable evening to be out and about during the full moon.

Moonlight Dog Walk
Moonlight in Napa

Rising out of the sky over the historic downtown Napa district, the moon rose full and mighty. I normally just take the dogs for a short play time in the yard, but the moon beckoned me further. So I leashed them up and out we went for a moonlight stroll in the neighborhood. I forget how beautiful it is in my own neighborhood, but nights like these bring it back into focus. Even the dogs were more subdued, less fidgety, and willing to join me for this merry walk in the not-so-dark streets.I suppose this is why I am grateful that we are close to the historic downtown area, so we can walk to all the restaurants, shops, and wine tasting rooms in the area. The fact that I am out and about at all while others in the nation are hunkering down under snow and cold is a reminder to appreciate what it right before me. Here's to moonlight. Here's to walking in the dark.


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