Painting commences: we're excited for our new look

Painting Scaffolding

The scaffolding is up, the work has begun and over the next four weeks the house will take on a new look and feel. What color? Oh no, I'm not telling! I don't want to post pictures until it is all over.There is still some work to be done in the yard as we make the center garden pathway more accessible to wheelchairs by replacing the pebble path with crushed granite. Up until now anyone in a wheelchair could only access the side patio by cruising around the corner of the block and up the front walkway.The last big change outdoors is with the back corner of the garden. For those who have been here before you would have seen the wooden table under the corner tree.[caption id="attachment_1738" align="alignright" width="300"]

Home of the new fire pit

Home of the new fire pit[/caption]That patio has been moved and dug out to make way for the new fire pit that will available for guests to use throughout the evenings. With a time-limited ignition switch guests won't need to worry about walking away and shutting it off as it will occur automatically. It will provide that perfect gathering spot to enjoy a glass of wine during our cool summer evenings.


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