Red Chair's last day with The Inn On First

Red Chair Ford Flex

I would be remiss not to talk about the Red Chair's last day with The Inn On First. As a special treat the Red Chair enjoyed Jamie's 5-Hour Transportation Package in his Ford Flex. Jamie had worked hard with the Red Chair to decide which wineries and experiences would be best based upon the Red Chair's needs and wants.So, first stop was Jarvis Winery. This is a high-end winery that is built completely

Jarvis Winery

underground, with a large cave door to walk through to enter into the complex. The Red Chair couldn't help but think of the movie "The Hobbit" and entering the dwarf kingdom. Except here it was offices, to processing grapes, to storage, and even their own bottling machine. Everything is built into one enormous cavern. The owner is the founder of fiber optic cable and it is present all over the property. These are high end wines that are paired with cheeses so that you can enjoy the full dimension of flavors the wines have to offer.

Pride Mountain

Next stop was a forty-five minute drive away up onto Spring Mountain to visit Pride Mountain Winery. This mid-sized winery has the distinction of sitting on the county line between Napa and Sonoma and must process the grapes from each county in separate equipment that is stored on the proper side of the county line. With a cave tour and barrel-tasting, this is an exceptional winery tour where you enjoy blended wines with big, bold flavors.Extending the stay a bit longer at Pride

Pride Picnic

the Red Chair joined some other guests in the picnic grounds with a view of the hills surrounding Napa and the vineyards. It was a perfect Fall day to enjoy sandwiches and a view with some delicious Pride wine to go with it.

Jamie Red Chair

The Red Chair was even kind enough later in the day to offer Jamie a place to sit and rest a bit before they headed back into town. It gave them a great opportunity to become acquainted before the Red Chair would be leaving Napa for other great inns to visit.Alas, as with all things, it was time for the Red Chair to leave.

Leaving Red Chair

We are so grateful to the Red Chair for visiting Napa. It has been fun to be a host to its national travel saga. The Inn On First wishes the Red Chair all the best in the days ahead.


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