Shoe Donations for November and December


The Inn On First is participating in Soles4Souls project this winter. We encourage both locals and guests to consider dropping off their gently used shoes for donation. We have a collection bin on the front porch. Hoping all of you will consider taking a second look at your closet and participating in this collection.

Napa Valley Shoe Drive

We are helping collect shoes for Soles4Souls, Inc. through a valley-wide shoe drive organized by local teens and Humanitas Wines. Donate shoes you no longer need in order to help fight poverty, both in America and in developing countries around the world, through Soles4Souls' redistribution and micro-enterprise programs. Our goal is to collect 25,000 pairs of shoes by December 31st. We can do this, Napa!

And here’s the Soles4Souls website, for videos and more info:


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