The Cycle of Life- we celebrate the closure of Maxwell's life with us here...


It is always with a heavy heart to hear your dog has an inoperable, untreatable stomach tumor, that he only has weeks to live. Yet in the cycle of life that we celebrate at The Inn On First we will not allow his light to go out without notice. He is still with us for now, so if you do happen to visit, see a scrawny dog with floppy ears and a wagging tail, well that would be him. Maxwell, aka, Mr. Sunshine. He is blind in one eye, so you need to be sure to wave your hand in front of his face before you pet him, otherwise he could be surprised by the touch and yelp. He loves to be petted, and his energy is always up and ready for play. Yes, there are moments of sadness, but right now let us all make it the best few weeks of his life: smiling, laughing, playing, petting, and loving him to the very end. It's the way I want to go when I die. I want to offer him the same gift.To all of our guests who have loved him so well after we rescued him 5 years ago, we thank you for your kindness and attention to him. To those who are guardians of other animals and have lost your own loved ones, we know you understand the hard but necessary choice we face. We know you will carry us in love, peace, and prayer in the days ahead.My Maxwell Haiku:Sorrow comes slowly,Grilled hot dogs make him happyLove is wagging tails.


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