The Inn on First ranked #1 of 100 Highest Rated Businesses in California

March 4, 2022
Innkeeper Jim
Top Rated Local
Top Rated Local

The Inn On First out of Napa earned the top spot on the top 100 list, earning an impressive Rating Score of 100.00 with 4.143 reviews across 6 verified review sites, and an average star rating of 5/5."Winning a Top-Rated Local award is a true acknowledgement of exceptional customer service, as it directly reflects the opinions of the customers. I congratulate the California businesses who made the list on this significant achievement," said JB Kellogg, co-founder of Top Rated Local.The total number of verified review sites, average overall star rating a business has on those sites, and the total number of ratings/reviews they have posted on those sites all play a role in the overall Rating Score calculation. The more ratings/reviews a business has posted on verified review sites for a high average overall star rating, the higher the Rating Score. The highest possible Rating Score is 100.Together, the 2019 award winners in California have an average Rating Score of 100.00 and an average star rating of 4.98. Among the 1,154,566 businesses listed on Top Rated Local, the average Rating Score is 69.29 and the average star rating is 4.24, making the 2019 Top Rated Local award winners in California an extremely impressive group. The full list of 2019 award winners can be found at Top Rated Local®
Top Rated Local is a place for consumers to view the highest rated businesses in the area, read reviews of the businesses from multiple online sources, and see the overall rating score of the businesses. Consumers can also review and rate businesses from the same interface. This allows consumers to quickly and confidently find the truly Top Rated Local businesses in their area.


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