The Red Chair explores downtown Napa

Red Chair Fireplace Chat

The Red Chair's day began with a fireplace chat at The Inn On First. It was cool in the mornings and it was a great opportunity to sit with the Chairs of the Inn to discuss life in Napa. "Yes," the Red Chair was told, "cool mornings are part of Napa all summer long. Then the temperature changes dramatically, rising from 55 degrees upwards toward 90 degrees or warmer. The grapes love the diurnal temperature range- maturing in the warmth all day and slowing down at night. It permits them to hang longer on the vine and to develop greater complexity and flavor."It was time for breakfast and the Red Chair looked forward to enjoying Chef Jim's Huckleberry Fritters.

Jade Fritters

"Huckleberries have a short season," the chef stated, "only about four weeks long. So I try to use them as much as possible while they are around." The assistant innkeeper offered extras to the Red Chair as well as the fresh fruit salad, the homemade granola, yogurt, cereal and milk.

Historic Napa

After breakfast the Red Chair went for a walk with the three dogs and the chef around the neighborhood. The inn is part of the historic downtown district of Napa where there are homes dating back to the late 1800's. They are so beautiful and grand, making for a delightful walk after breakfast before spending the day touring the city of Napa.

River Front Parkway
Angele Restaurant

After breakfast the Red Chair and Chef Jim walked around town, visiting the Napa Valley Visitor's Center for an overview of the valley, then through Veteran's Park that overlooks the river, and finally down to the River Front parkway for a riverside view lunch at Angele, a lovely California French restaurant with great cuisine.The Red Chair then went out for the day on Platypus Tours.

Platypus Tours

This is a small group tour in a stand-up limousine that visits 4 wineries, provides snacks and water on board, and a picnic lunch at a winery, all for just $110 pp. From 10:30 am until 5:00 pm the Red Chair was given an opportunity to see the Napa Valley and enjoy many great world-class wines that are available here.

Baby Grand Piano

At the end of the day the Red Chair returned to The Inn On First for an afternoon nap. Once up, the Red Chair spent some time perusing the Tea Bar selection of loose leaf teas, a perfect complement to the chocolate chunk cookies available in the dining room every day. Of course the Red Chair just couldn't resist playing the baby grand piano in the living room, entertaining all who were staying in the house. It had been awhile so the Red Chair was grateful for the Adult Beginner Book at the piano to refresh finger memory.

Big Napa Chair

For dinner the Red Chair walked back to the River Front, only a fifteen minute walk from the inn, to enjoy dinner at Morimoto Napa. Iron Chef Morimoto is the original US Iron Chef who helped to develop the series and today has a great restaurant in Napa. And LO! The Red Chair ran into the Big Chair of Napa! How exciting and fun to find a soul-spirit who shared the same interests. The Big Chair of Napa was hanging out with Napa Jack-O-Lantern, and it was a pleasure to meet this Holiday Spirit who is ready to delight children and adults alike."What a great day," the Red Chair said. "I am tired, but am looking forward to another day to celebrate my stay in Napa. Tomorrow I will do more wine tasting with Jamie Cherry, the co-owner of The Inn On First, on a private 5-hour transportation package tour of smaller vineyards around the valley."


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