Three Unique Napa Valley Experiences


Even if it’s your first trip to our Napa Valley bed and breakfast, at The Inn on First we’d like to be your guide as we walk you through unforgettable experiences throughout your stay. Upon request, we’ll provide an itinerary for your getaway so that you’re able to take in all the sights, whether you’re traveling with a group or as a couple. Let us provide a small glimpse of three of our favorite excursions that we can set up for you while lodging at our Napa Inn.

Napa Valley Balloons

Up, up, and away— fly high above the Napa Valley wineries with a smooth, scenic hot air balloon ride with Napa Valley Balloons! Get out early on a stunning summer day, and you’ll delight in breathtaking aerial views of Napa Valley, as well as gaining a piece of knowledge about the area from your pilot. The GoPro picture package is a must, as you will not be able to replicate the fantastic photography on your own, and it will be the perfect way to remember your experience flying over Napa! Napa Valley Balloons present a warm, welcoming environment providing light refreshments and pastries while you're given an informative overview of your trip before taking off on your one hour flight! Post-flight, you’ll be able to reminisce about your journey with your loved ones over a delicious brunch and glass of sparkling wine at Domaine Chandon.

Napa Valley bed and breakfas

Coffee Excursion

Who doesn’t love the fresh, pleasant aroma of a flavorful cup of joe each morning? For the avid coffee drinker, coffee is a part of your everyday life, so take the time to expand your knowledge on the different coffees, blends, and roasts. Take a break from sampling wines and sample five different French-pressed coffees, learning about the different characteristics of coffee beans from three diverse regions. Nearing the end of your Coffee Excursion, you’ll be able to create your own blend after deciding on the particular combination of tastes that suit your palate. A Coffee Excursion at The Inn on First will be an experience that sticks with you for a lifetime as you become your very own coffee connoisseur!

Private Cooking Class

In the heart of wine country, the wines of Napa Valley are all the rave; however, where there’s delicious wine, there should be exquisite eats as well! Instead of setting out to discover fresh ingredients at a restaurant why not try your knack at preparing a bright, colorful meal on your own— with a little help from Chef Julie from our Napa Valley Inn. Chef Julie offers a private cooking experience, and you’ll gain knowledge that you’ll be able to take home with you, as you hand select your ingredients and prepare a three-course meal during the class. Perhaps you’ll even be able to show off your new culinary skills back home by throwing a dinner party for your friends. They’ll be impressed when you reveal that you made the meal entirely on your own! To further expand your knowledge in the culinary world with a group, Silverado Cooking School, Chef Malcolm offers a culinary experience lasting up to four hours where you will be able to delight in a gourmet meal that your group created from scratch!

Napa Valley bed and breakfas

Romantic Napa Valley Bed and Breakfast

We provide a complimentary picnic basket to use during your stay, as well as homemade chocolate truffles and a split of Mumm Sparkling wine upon arrival. Our luxurious Napa Valley bed and breakfast will provide a gourmet breakfast every morning so that you’re able to start your day with a skip in your step! When celebrating an anniversary or special occasion, opt for our Honeymoon Suite or Garden Suite. To talk with our friendly staff at The Inn on First about personalizing your vacation or setting up a wine tour during your stay, give us a call at 1-855-510-0909.


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