Torc: a great dining experience in downtown Napa


A ten-minute walk from The Inn On First, just off the corner of First and Main Streets, is the restaurant called Torc. The menu is eclectic European ranging from snacks (house made cured olives, or the Iberico ham toasts, and deviled eggs), to small plates (salads, soups, light pastas), to large plate entrees (lamb, beef, chicken, fish). We were fortunate to join our friends Sara and Dan, with their 11-year old son, Charlie, so there were lots of bites to be enjoyed. As Sara is gluten-free they were readily able to work with her dietary issues. It is also clearly stated on the menu that they work with vegans, vegetarians, etc. Basically, "ask and we will accommodate as best we can"- That is service!

Quail with Mushrooms
Pasta with Cheese
Boar Ravioli

The highlights for me were the hamachi tartare with avocado, the delicious gazpacho soup perfectly chilled and flavored, the quail with mushrooms au jus, boar ravioli in a beautiful boar broth, and silky smooth halibut that was perfectly cooked with mushrooms and squash. Why, even Charlie's plain pasta with grated parmesan was scrumptious in its simplicity.Prices range from $5 snacks to $10 small plates on up to $18 - $40 entrees. Plenty of wine and beer by the glass and bottle. A lovely meal with a hip-urban environment that is worthy of Napa.


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