Want to be part of a Napa Travel-log Series?


B & B and Me. Napa Valley: still need more participants for a Travel-log show. Extending the show through the Fall.This is NOT a reality show. Some of you have said you would have applied had you known it was more of a Travel-log series where a production crew will follow couples as they enjoy their stay at this stylish B & B and as they explore the Napa Valley. We are trying to showcase the inn and the greatness of Napa Valley. The cameras are not with you all the time. They meet you at breakfast to capture your thoughts about breakfast. They will meet you at a winery where you talk about your experience of the wine. They will meet you at your restaurant for dinner and showcase the food that is prepared. The show is slated to be witty, informative, creative and fun!WHO SHOULD APPLY?Everyone, of course! You all have stories to share about yourselves, your relationship, or even why you have chosen Napa Valley as your destination spot for that special occasion. The production company would love to see diversity of every sort (race, culture, religion, sex, age, et al.).HOW TO APPLY?Simply make a reservation (or maybe you already have one!) at the Inn on First for a midweek stay (holidays excluded) in the Fall/Winter. Then email the producers a half page of why you should be chosen, send it to info@bandbandme.com.


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