We may be a non-smoking property, but we can tell you where to buy your weed products in Napa.


The Inn On First is in a premier destination for wine country. Yet we would be remiss if we didn't also talk about the all new marijuana laws in California. If you can legally buy wine in California (over the age of 21), then a driver's license or passport will be enough for you to purchase. We are not advocating for the weed industry, but the question keeps being asked and we can no longer put our heads under the proverbial blanket. Understand that on a federal level it is still illegal and most dispensaries will give you all the information you need to manage federal and/or local authorities.Yes, there are delivery services, even here in Napa, and dispensaries are throughout the Bay Area. Just Google it. You'll find what you need. You can always contact the shops ahead of time to ensure a timely delivery.Okay. That said. Please remember we are a non-smoking property, and that includes weed. Please take all smoking products off-property in fairness to us, the owners, and to all other guests who don't smoke. We are too small a property and the smoke permeates everything.Also, if you choose a delivery service, please make arrangements with them to pick up the delivery personally outside of the buildings, especially for after office hours. Generally, they don't want to engage the inn's staff in any part of the transaction.


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