Welcome, Leo, to your new pack!


We tried working with rescue organizations to find a new dog. Calvin, our 12-year old miniature schnauzer, needs a companion, but currently there was no good fit for us. Either the dog(s) were too old, or needed to be sole dog in the house, or was not good with people, etc. Calvin has never been alone before and he keeps a close eye on us as the other two are gone. I have to admit, it is rather strange walking one dog when you are accustomed to having three on leashes.Well, a mother and daughter, Tahleen and Armine, came for a visit to the inn with their toy schnauzer and told us about a breeder near Sacramento who has miniature schnauzer puppies available. Yes, we fell in love with our little one and his name is Leo.He is white with black, and we are grateful he is so different from any dog we've had as we didn't want to put any expectations upon him. We want to discover his personality, watch as he grows into his own self, and make him a part of the pack we are today. Yes, we are still sad and will carry the loss of Hugo and Maxwell for a long time. Yes, we will continue to look at rescue as we believe having three dogs is just part of our psychological makeup here at the inn. In the meantime we will welcome our little bundle of joy to his new pack and introduce him to life at The Inn On First. Here are two pics of our little boy that we will pick up on Friday, July 27th.


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