Private Wine Tour

Private Winery Experience – approximately $90.00/hour- minimum six (6) hours

Enjoy a private wine tour with a private driver. We select drivers with a lot of experience in the Napa Valley so you enjoy an insider’s view to the Napa Valley. Most guests prefer three winery visits with lunch at either a restaurant or a picnic at a winery where permitted, but the day is yours to be enjoyed with the driver’s assistance in choosing the right wineries to meet your desires! If you’ve got your heart set on particular wineries the driver will make it happen in the most efficient manner possible. If you want to rely on his or her experience of Napa Valley (what most guests want!) he or she will create a day that’s definitely not a ride-sharing experience where you bounce from one big box winery to another. The price per hour is for two guests . Additional hours and persons are charged separately. Call 707-253-1331 or email for availability.

He/She may be the designated driver, but you drive the itinerary.

Prior to your visit your driver will set up time to speak with you to determine how you want to spend your day unless you prefer electronic communication. You may decide to visit historical or landmark wineries, enjoying world-class signature wines in beautiful settings. If receiving an education is important, He or she will guide you to the right winery to obtain the information you seek.

For beginners: how wine is made, or food and wine pairing experiences, or attending a wine aroma class. If appointments are required he will take care of all of that for you.

Perhaps you want to walk through a cave, enjoy a barrel tasting, or taste-compare the same wine that has been stored in different types of barrels (french oak, american oak, hungarian oak).

If you’ve been to Napa before, you might want to be exposed to mid-sized producers with award winning wines, or discover the many small producers of small batch wines, cult wines, or up-and-coming wine producers. The driver will work with your needs and develop a winning tour for you to enjoy. If you want to explore the wineries of Sonoma, yes, the drivers know about Sonoma as well!

Vistas and Views

You might want to explore the grandeur of Napa or Sonoma from the hilltops and see grand vistas. Or stay on the valley floor and explore a vineyard more intimately and up-close. Your driver can make it happen for you.

You supply the food. He supplies the rest.

Whether you want to dine in a restaurant or a simple yet delicious picnic, your driver will be sure to direct your culinary feast. With a wide range of restaurants and cafes to choose from in Napa you can select to have an indoor feast.

Or you can ask for a winery picnic spot, perfect for that outdoor romantic afternoon interlude, or maybe a place to propose over lunch. He or she will guide you to some great food shops to purchase just what you need and will set up a table with all the picnic supplies you need.

Meet and Greet.

For those who plan on making larger purchases of wine (more than a bottle here and there), a driver may be able to introduce you to an owner and/or winemaker themselves. Over the years our preferred drivers have met many of these very small producers, some who have been in the valley for quite a while. These people have a passion for wine, and due to their small production they rely upon every visitor to invest in their efforts through their wine purchases. Often times you will visit their homes, sit in their living rooms or on their porch or patio, and enjoy their wine as you survey their vineyards and talk about their work, their lives, and the wines they produce.

Cancellation Policy.

Cancellations for Private Wine Tour vary from driver to driver. Please be sure to inquire.